Schulbibliothek Ecuador @ B. Hirsch

LernRAUMsafari #2: Ecuador – Learning Landscapes, School Library and Digitization

In the second Learning Space Safari, Basti Hirsch, education activist and school consultant takes us to Ecuador. In October 2022, he conducted in-service training on “Open learning: learning landscapes, digitization, and libraries” in German schools abroad in Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela.

His impulse is about, among other things,

  • how open learning landscapes can be used pedagogically
  • how architecture and digital infrastructure are finding ways to change the culture of learning
  • and what role school libraries can play in this process

The format #LernräumeEntwickeln” is broadcast live once a month (Thursdays 6 pm) and thrives on the interactive exchange of guests and viewers.

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School construction expert* team

  • Dr. Cornelia Dinsleder, Educational Sciences + Learning Space Development | PH Luzern (Switzerland)
  • Martina Hilligardt, Planning + School Construction Consulting (@m_hilligardt)
  • Basti Hirsch, education activist + school building consultant (@cervus).
  • Florian Kretzschmar, educator + superhero (@learning_space_ent)
  • Dr. Petra Moog, Learning Space Development + Natural Sciences | Sophia::Akademie Düsseldorf (@SophiaAkademie)
  • Katrin Schwahlen, digital coach + media expert | Berlin (@wechselwissen)
  • Nicole Wentzel, Architecture + Building Management