#LearningRoomsDevelopOnline: Monthly Live Video Talk (#LREO)

2022 is the year of the moving image for the LEA project as well. Project manager Dr. Petra R. Moog meets once a month for a video talk with school building consultants from Germany and Switzerland. In the happy hour of the open exchange format, the six experts discuss current learning space development topics. And learn from and with each other in the process.

The format #LernräumeEntwickeln” is broadcast live once a month (Thursdays 6 pm) and thrives on the interactive exchange of guests and viewers.

School construction expert* team

  • Dr. Cornelia Dinsleder, Educational Sciences + Learning Space Development | PH Luzern (Switzerland)
  • Martina Hilligardt, Planning + School Construction Consulting
  • Basti Hirsch, education activist + school building consultant
  • Florian Kretzschmar, educator + superhero
  • Dr. Petra Moog, Learning Space Development + Natural Sciences | Sophia::Academy Düsseldorf
  • Nicole Wentzel, Architecture + Building Management