Phase zero game: an interactive space development process

Phase zero: an interactive spatial development process

The Neverland simulation game is one of four tools in the LEA project. At a workshop in St. Pöltgen, Prof. Beate Weyland (Free University of Bozen/Bressanone) and Dr. Petra Moog (Sophia::Akademie Düsseldorf) introduced the game. Two groups cooperatively worked out a first common basis with spatial-pedagogical qualities using picture cards.

With the Neverland game, workshop participants can collaboratively develop classrooms, subject areas, outdoor spaces, or the entire school or college.

All game elements have been created in the Makerspace and invite to deal with a concrete learning space together didactically, artistically and exploratorily.

Different levels of pedagogical architecture are integrated into each phase of the game just as the 4K.

The materials are licensed as OER and CC to create the real and digital space as a third educator.